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C4Ci brings together a team of leading European professionals in the field of sustainable building engineering and structural performance. Embedded within this is a deep understanding of building design software and programming, facilitating the critical whole structure interaction of product with system. We can use our specialist knowledge of timber engineering to the commercial advantage of the client by delivering system solutions that use the most appropriate build media in isolation or in combination with steel or masonry ensuring that optimum performance related to cost is achieved at all times.

We are proud of our technical and commercial credentials and have within our team a multi faceted wealth of building technology expertise, surrounding structure and commercial delivery mechanisms.

Our associates comprise 2 Chartered Structural Engineer, an Architect, registered SAP assessors, and registered EcoHomes/Code for Sustainable Homes Assessors, whom between them possess 1 Doctoral Degree, 3 Masters Degrees, and 4 Batchelors Degrees, and have a combined experience of over 100 years in the timber construction sector.

Our considerable construction industry experience has enabled us to establish well developed networks with other specialist build media in steel, concrete and masonry. This further extends to acoustic, fire and energy consultancy businesses, together with long-standing technical contacts with Building Standards agencies, warranty providers, certification bodies  and sustainability consultants in the UK, Continental Europe and North America.

We have offices in the South of England, the Midlands and also in France.

How we can help you

C4Ci is a multidisciplinary business offering a range of specialist building design, performance and system testing services as well as product/process innovation in the field of building construction. Our specialist consultancy activities include:

Our people

Dr Luke Whale

MD and Technical Director BSc Hons PhD FIWSc: Civil Engineer

Positions held and achievements:

James Sweet

Commercial Director C4Ci

25 years experience in global sales, marketing and new product andsystem development in the building products sector. Positions held and achievements:

Frank Kupferle

Director - Continental European Region "Ingenieur Civil des Mines" from Ecole des Mines de Nancy.

Languages: French, German and English. Positions Held and Achievements:

Tim Studer

BSc CEng MIStructE: A Chartered Engineer: Manager - Efficient Construction Technologies

Positions Held and Achievements:

Geoff Gudge - BSc Hons MSc CEng MIStructE

Sustainable Homes and Energy Specialist

Positions Held and Achievements:

Stuart Cuttriss - MCIoB

C4Ci Design Software Development Manager

Positions Held and Achievements:

Andy Dunning - BSc Hons MSc DICMIWSc

Sustainable Construction Engineer

Positions Held and Achievements:

Matthew Wright - MA Physics Oxford. PGCE (Science) Bath

Sustainable Construction Engineer

Positions Held and Achievements:

Consultants to C4Ci

C4Ci is proud to be associated with the following individuals who both lead innovation in their respective fields of Timber Frame Engineering and Sustainable Construction for the Sustainable Community Agenda.

Geoff Pitts

Senior Architect and Consultant - Timber Frame Structures

Geoff Pitts is at the forefront of building system knowledge within the timber frame construction industry. He has held the position of Chief Architect for TRADA - Timber Research and Development Association.

He was Project architect for EU award winning passive solar timber frame housing development; Project architect for first UK Canadian "Super E" house with 85% reductions in heating costs relative to building regulations and Project architect for first UK "I-Joist" house; wall floor and roof panels; U-values down to 0.12 W/m2K. He has authored many books on timber frame buildings including specialist areas of energy efficiency, environmental issues, fire performance and sound insulation and has advised on systems such as Super E and Passivhaus.

As well as taking the lead Director role on many research projects related to timber frame he has invented several new systems for improving timber frame construction. He was the Co-designer of training courses for timber frame site management and frame assembly and assisted in the development of the first UK timber frame independent quality checking procedures; drawing checking, manufacturer checking, on-site training and on-site inspections.

Steve Charter SC2

BA (Hons) Economics & Geography, MA Environmental Planning - Sustainability Consultant

Steve Charter, Director of SC2, has extensive policy and project experience working with local government, NGO's, and business in developing effective sustainability projects and strategies. He has particular expertise in innovative or pioneering sustainable construction strategies/projects, sustainability strategies, sustainable communities, sustainable living and the relationship between health and sustainable lifestyles. He is a consultant, author, and trainer/tutor, was one of the UK's first sustainability coordinators (Leicester Environment City/environ, Local Agenda 21 Coordinator, 1993-95).

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Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering services range from design feasibility analysis, to full design calculations for timber frame structure, and Building Regulation compliance checking for housing schemes. As registered NHBC timber frame certifiers, we are also able to provide HB353B certification as appropriate.

Our up to date knowledge of the latest developments in design codes and construction product innovations also enables us to incorporate innovative technologies in building projects where these might improve manufacturing processes, overall building performance, site efficiency or cost competitiveness.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the significance that meeting the new carbon dioxide emission targets has upon building design. Our technical team is fully up to date with the latest developments in measuring and assessing the impact that building systems have on CO2 emissions.

We are members of the NHER Accreditation Scheme for On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA), and are therefore qualified to provide SAP2005 calculations, Building Regulation Compliance Reports, Predicted Energy Assessments (PEA s') and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC s').

Sustainable Buildings

The importance of producing buildings that have minimal environmental impact during their construction/service/disposal life-cycle cannot be understated in modern house building. C4Ci's technical team are registered with BREEAM as EcoHomes and Code for Sustainable Homes assessors, which means we can offer clients advice from the outset of a project on how to achieve the requirements of these standards at minimal cost.

Zero Carbon

C4Ci is able to offer clients practical guidance on the many myths and truths surrounding this topic. We believe that Zero Carbon strategies should be tailored to individual projects and that the journey toward Zero Carbon Dwellings is best undertaken through the adoption of design practices and renewable energy technologies which will vary depending upon the location of the site and the needs of the local community.

Fire Safety & Acoustics

Fire Safety

C4Ci are able to offer clients a number of fire safety services as a result of our experience with fire safety in timber buildings over many years. This extends to structural engineering in fire, design and specification of fire resistant constructions, building product fire testing and accreditation and fire safety certification/guidance during the construction process.

Acoustic Performance

Good sound insulation in residential buildings is essential. Timber and light gauge steel frame buildings can provide excellent sound insulation both between separate buildings and within the home. C4Ci has an expert team in this complex field that can provide product specification, design detailing and site construction guidance to enable excellent sound insulation to be achieved from separating floors and walls or internally within dwellings.

Healthy Building

It is suggested that well designed and detailed buildings can actually make people healthier, and our experience with Canadian SuperE and Passivhaus building methods has given us insights into how this can be practically achieved. With UK asthma rates being amongst the highest in the world, buildings which deliver health dividends are likely to be increasingly popular in future.

Build System Innovation

Down to earth innovation - This is our passion!

In C4Ci we strongly believe that product and process innovation is the key to achieving performance and efficiency gains in the construction industry. Any product or process innovation will not succeed unless it is developed using "joined up thinking" across all technical and commercial disciplines. The breadth of expertise within C4Ci marks us out from most other consultants and our confidence in this arena is such that we are prepared to work on a 'no-fee' basis at the front end of your development programme till such time as we jointly consider whether the idea will swim or sink - and like it or not we will guide you on the latter because we will not allow you to pour money down the drain.

Many of the associates within C4Ci have at some time played a significant role in bringing new products to the construction industry. We fully understand the technical and commercial challenges that this brings. We believe that we have the experience to partner and guide any company or individual that wishes to explore and commercialise their innovations. We would be pleased to discuss remuneration for our services which may not be entirely consultancy fee related.

Unlocking & Delivering Innovation

How does a new product start - ever wondered?

It is unusual for the construction industry to proactively go out of its way to innovate ...... to start with a blank sheet of paper and the opening phrase - "what if we were to ...?"

Why is that?

Probably because most products/systems in the building industry organically evolve because of changing performance demands or external drivers, or both. At C4Ci we would like to change this reactive attitude. We specialise in bringing to the forefront of a company's culture a mindset within its staff of encouraging innovation and innovative thinking.

It is often easier for your staff to become "comfortable" and to accept the status quo as adequate or good enough - But is it? Is your company missing the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage with a product, system or solution that could be just beneath the surface of what you are currently doing, because there is no mechanism to dig this out and no vehicle to further develop it. If so then that's where it will stay - Buried.

Mining, Extraction, Processing, Commercialising

C4Ci has formed what we consider to be the perfect vehicle for mining, extracting, processing and commercialising innovative ideas in your company. C4Ci will provide you with the mechanism to dig out and extract the ideas, provision of a technical verification process and finally guidance as to how to commercialise, sell and market the new product.

If you would like to discuss how our team can unearth the potential that may lie close to the surface within your business, we would be pleased to have a preliminary meeting to outline how this could work.