How can I benefit from the one time 30 day free trial ?

We offer a one time 30 day free trial to any new user (one trial period per user account). This option will be activated automatically during the purchasing process at the stage of selection of the subscription (license), provided the system recognises that you do not already have an account.

I'm a first time user: how do I start using iCalc Xpress ?

Create a free account

Register with us and we'll create a free user account for you. Your account will allow you to manage your subscriptions and access our online Support Center.

Why do we need your valid contact details ?

Buy a subscription

Select the subscription that suits your needs and organisation. You can pay online.

Not sure which subscription to chose ?

Download and unlock

Download and install the program, and unlock it online. Download link and activation code are provided in your welcome email or from the dashboard of your account.

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