The One Stop Shop for the Designer

iCalc Xpress Engineering software delivers the next generation of single member design software, based on the most intuitive user interface, designed to provide quick and easy accurate designs and perform value engineered comparisons of most Engineered Beams. With the goal of being the 'one stop shop' for the designer, iCalc Xpress delivers a versatile and user-friendly single member sizing design tool and allows the Engineer or Specifier to mix, design and specify the main dimensional lumber, glulam, I-joists and other engineered wood beam products in minutes.

Single file structure

All members of the same project, grouped by level, held in the same file.

Easy Comparison of Solutions

All combinations of products, plies and spacing/tributary widths displayed in a customisable matrix of solutions.

Simple design process

Simple and logical member configuration and design process.

On-screen Results

A simple click on any of the solutions displayed on the left provides a quick summary of key design results.

Beam and Load Diagram

User can visualise at any time the beam configuration and loading. Accessories and status are displayed.

Intuitive User Interface

State-of-the-art and user friendly multi-lingual user interface.

Quick access side tabs

Hovering over side tabs enables quick access to project settings through dockable sliding menus.

Analysis of holes

Holes of common shapes are engineered both in I-joists web and rectangular sections.

Advanced design features

Powerful design engine designs holes, hangers, lateral stability (auto callout of bracing), plate capacity, crushing under top load, multiple-ply fastening solutions, etc., and allows for local analysis.

Multiple codes covered

Supports IBC, FBC, WISC based on both NDS 2012 and NDS 2015, as well as NBCC 2010 based on CSA 086-09.


  • project-overview

    Each project can contain multiple members, grouped by levels, saved in a single file. Project overview window shows all current selected solutions along with their key design results.

  • spans

    If you just need to design one beam, predefined templates enable quick and easy design in as little as 8 clicks. The user can easily create, save and recall their own templates without limitation.

  • loads

    Flexible span and support information with live updating member drawing. Preset options (subfloor, ceiling, deflection limits, etc.) can be amended easily. Further advanced design features are available.

  • products

    Default area loads defined for the level to which the member is assigned can be applied or inactivated. iCalc Xpress will automatically factor these loads by the spacing or tributary width. Versatile and colour customisable additional loads can be added.

  • results

    Loads can be transferred from one member to another within the same project by a simple drag and drop between the job tree and the load input area. Both the current and supported member can be visualised simultaneously.

  • printedOutput

    When designing roof rafters, an ASCE 7-10 compliant load wizard helps automating complex wind loading along the rafter.

  • preferences-design

    Most I-joists and standard or user defined EWP, lumber or glulam sections can be designed simultaneously. Multiple plies as well as multiple spacing/tributary widths can be designed and compared in the same design run, removing the need for tedious iterative redesigns.

  • preferences-preset

    Simultaneous design of multiple beam and hanger manufacturers is complimented by smart filtering option which enables to provide the best option for each manufacturer on a given job and print out one single combined print-out.

  • db-builder

    Comprehensive design report with graphical representation of the beam can be printed for either the selected option or all of the members in the project.

  • preferences-design

    A full set of User Preferences enables the User to determine the default settings of new projects, such as Design Preferences, displayed Language and Units, default spacing/tributary widths, or user information.

  • preferences-preset

    User is provided with various smart preset functions enabling to create specified presets for level loading, deflection limits or even complete levels (including subfloor and ceiling option), filtered by building code. They can then be selected as default instead of the system defaults.

  • db-builder

    User can link to the dedicated product database website to customise and build up both the product and the hanger databases. This innovative feature coupled with the software live update functionality ensures the user can always use up to date design information. User can build their own products library of standard or non-standard products from the local database.

Purchasing options that work for any organization

3 versions from £10 / month

Light, Expert, Engineer, there is an affordable version to best suit your needs.

Volume purchase options

We offer volume license discounts to organisations in server environment or on single user base.

Educational offers

Whether you are a single student or a teacher looking for a tool for its entire class or school, we have an option for you.